Mission Statement

The mission of Manhattan Multicultural Summer Youth (MMSY) Program is to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by developing multicultural competency and embracing a culture of peace among adolescents in all societies.

Core Values
  • Young people can become effective advocates for change by teaching their peers what they have learned and by working with others in their communities.
  • A multicultural perspective is essential for the promotion of peace, tolerance, and harmony in the world.
  • Creating venues in which young people can learn to live, work, and play with others from different backgrounds are vital for the well-being of all individuals, families and communities.
  • The healthy development of young people involves an understanding that one is interconnected to others both locally and globally.
  • Exposing one’s self to new experiences and keeping an open mind is important for growth. We learn about ourselves through our interaction with people who are different from ourselves.
  • Learning to respect differences and other world views is possible by listening to understand rather than by listening to judge. 


ALL human beings are born FREE and EQUAL in dignity and rights. 

-Universal Declaration of Human Rights