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Mahroo Moshari

Consultant on Education and Multicultural Mental Health Issues

Mahroo Moshari, LMSW, is a Consultant on Education and Multicultural Mental Health Issues in New York City with an extensive background working as a Psychotherapist, Teacher, Counselor, Social Worker, Supervisor, and Senior Project Director. She is currently a UN representative for the International Association of Applied Psychology and a member of the Psychology Coalition, NGO Committees on Human Rights, Children’s Rights and Mental Health.

17th Jun 2013

The Spirit


Students Marvel at Cyrus Cylinder Visiting Met Museum

Published Jul 17, 2013 at 6:01 am (Updated Feb 16, 2015)

Summer youth program aims to spread intercultural peace and tolerance Pablo Valdes and his fellow campers stood gazing at the clay object for nearly 45 minutes in wonder at "everything it stands for, all that it did in history and for future civilizations." Had there been any onlookers they would have stared in equal puzzlement at the students' fascination with what looked like an inert log, part of it stripped away and the rest covered in indecipherable script.

14th Jan 2014

United for a culture of peace

United for a culture of peace through interfaith harmony

By UN Web TV

To mark the World Interfaith Harmony Week, as proclaimed by General Assembly resolution. Event organized by the Office of the President of the General Assembly, in cooperation with the UNESCO and the Committee of Religious NGO at the UN

1th Mar 2011

Make it Here, Make it Happen

26th July 2012

The importance of being tolerant

Education Today

The importance of being tolerant

By OULIMATA BA Special to the AmNews

When Marlene Taylor-Pon - terotto’s family moved to Harlem, she did not expect to be made fun of by the residents of her new neighborhood. “People would say to us, ‘You’re not from Harlem. You talk white,’” said Taylor- Pon - terotto, an African-American physician’s assistant at Mon - tefiore Medical Center in the Bronx...

12th April 2011

UN Entity

International Year of Youth: Briefing session on Youth Participation

By CSO-Net

The event is one of many arranged to celebrate the International Year of Youth, leading up to the UN Conference on Youth on 25-26 July. It will explore the issue of youth participation, taking examples from the work of the UN system, NGOs and young people themselves on youth participatory processes. Featured participants will include Ravi Karkara, Child Participation Specialist with UNICEF; Pamela Wridt of CUNY Graduate Center; four youth speakers of a youth-friendly community in East Harlem; and Mahroo Moshari, Director of Manhattan Multicultural Counseling, and Representative of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) to the UN...

ALL human beings are born FREE and EQUAL in dignity and rights.

-Universal Declaration of Human Rights