About MMSY

The Manhattan Multicultural Summer Youth Program (MMSY) brings together youths of different cultures, ethnicities, and faiths from around New York City area to provide opportunity to engage with one another and create an environment where people can share, respect, and value cultural differences.

 Through exposure to people of a diverse range of backgrounds, youths in the New York City area will gain a greater awareness, appreciation and understanding of one another’s differences and similarities. The MMSY program has proven to be of benefit in reducing racial, religious and intercultural tension.


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  • Attend United Nations, and UNICEF events, and youth conferences, explore cultural museums and visit sacred places

  • Learn about world issues, the Millennium Development Goals, and learn strategies to make a difference

  • Dine in various ethnic restaurants and share breakfast together daily, building friendships

  • Participate in interfaith and intercultural dialogues, expand self understanding and the understanding of others, and develop their vision and purpose in life

ALL human beings are born FREE and EQUAL in dignity and rights. 

-Universal Declaration of Human Rights