What I enjoyed most about the program was that we went to different talks at the UN and listened to what each department focuses on. That was very interesting and I learned a lot more then I thought I would.

To be honest, there wasn't anything that I found boring in the program. I found some of the lectures long, but, I concentrated on what I thought were the key points of the lecture and wrote them down in the journal provided.

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Prior to attending this program I had a strong interest in world issues, peace and conflict resolution. I already knew that I wanted to major in international relations in college. I participated in various programs to explore my culture and the cultures of others, but never had I ever even dreamt of an experience where I would explore culture and religion at the United Nations. I had an interest in the UN and UNICEF and always knew I wanted to get involved but I never realized I could start working towards solutions to world issues now. I thought I had an idea of what the United Nations and UNICEF entailed, but in fact I had no idea of all the different initiatives the United Nations has taken to fight so many issues. I knew nothing about the Millennium Development Goals and I never realized that I too can be part of the solution.


Before I came to this program, I attended basketball camp for a week and then went away to New Jersey for a  week. Besides that I played video games, went on the computer, or played at the park. So I really didn't do  that many activities involving learning about our nation or the world. I wasn't paying that much attention to any major issues around the world that were going on at the time.  I didn't feel like going to this program because I didn't feel that at my age I would need this information being a high school freshman. However, I soon realized that it may be too late to help these causes. I learned so much from this program. Over the two weeks, I experienced many different organizations taking place now such as the WHO (World Health Org.), Human Rights Organization, and of course, the U. I also learned about several goals the U.N is trying to accomplish.  Major issues the U.N has worked towards are the MDGs ( Millennium Development Goals), which are a set of eight goals that the U.N is trying to achieve by 2015. Some of these goals are an end to world poverty, cure to diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria, increase gender equality, and several more. I think the U.N has done exceptionally well in trying to achieve these goals; but some more than others.


Prior to attending the Manhattan multicultural program I was not doing much. I went to Pennsylvania with my girl friend, hung out with my friends, relaxed and played football. I didn't really know nor do anything about the global issues that I learned about during the program. Truthfully I was kind of forced to attend this program by my mother and I didn't feel that these issues affected me or mattered. In short I was wrong and I am extremely happy that I attended this program.


Before I learned about the Manhattan Multicultural Summer Youth Program, my typical day in Ohio would start around 10 or 11. I would get up have my breakfast and then watch my favorite TV show Gilmore Girls with my sister for an hour. I do admit that sometimes it got a little boring so whenever my sister wanted to go out and do something whether it was with me alone or with our family, I was so bored that I was willing to come along if she let me. Until now, I was unaware that I would no longer have to depend on my sister for something to do. When my other sister, who lives in New York, told me about the summer youth program I was extremely excited about attending. I became highly interested in the program when finding out that the students who participated were given the opportunity to visit the UN and attend meetings. Looking back on it, my sister was really right about this program. It really made me learn a lot more than what I had already known or thought regarding world issues.


I am a 15 year old from the East Bay area in California. My family is from Kandahar, Afghanistan. Additionally I am strongly connected to my Muslim culture. My sister, who lives in Manhattan, got me involved in this program. Before I attended this program, I had no idea of what to expect. I had never been in a program like this before. All I knew was that I had to fly all the way to New York to attend. Now I believe that all of us from the program can make a change in the world because of the great opportunities that Mahroo of the Manhattan Multicultural Program gave us. We learned that all it takes is one person to change something; that it takes only one person to create a movement.