Before attending MMSY I was spending my summer vacation mostly helping my father out with construction of a new building we were going to live in. I woke up at 7 a.m. mostly every single day and would finish helping my father out at around 6 p.m. It was rigorous work but I think that it was good for my body as I learned how to work hard. Sometimes working is not a bad thing; it helps you get stronger in many ways. I was very tired after the work and would spend the rest of the day washing up, helping to cook dinner, watching the Yankee game that was on that night, reading, and then going to bed. That was my routine for about three weeks in the summer prior to going to this program.


Before attending the MMSY Program I was at school. I was intrigued with the insights my friend shared with me, who had attended the MMSY program last year. I knew I wanted to experience it as well. I had previous knowledge about the United Nations, because I am apart of the Model United Nations Club at school and I also took an International Relations course. I was happy to come with a prior knowledge. Yet, what I knew is what others have said (teachers) it was great having the opportunity to experience the "ins" and !outs" of the UN and creating my own view.


I live in Brooklyn and go to Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan. Before attending the MMSY program, I wasn't really doing anything constructive for myself, except maybe lying around and beating the last level of Resident Evil 4. My only break to this endeavor was on weekends when I would venture to Upstate New York with family and friends; a particularly careless lifestyle after a long strenuous year at Stuyvesant High School. It was only after learning about MMSY from my mother did I (with a slightly cynical expression on my face) agree to undertake the designated interview.


Before I was in the MMSY program, I wasn't really doing anything for most of the summer. I had been trying to get a job but most of the places in my neighborhood weren't really in a position to hire inexperienced people, which I was as I have never worked in my life. So, for most of my summer, I was usually going on the computer to websites like YouTube and Facebook. Then, about 2 weeks before I came to the program, my mother told me about this program that she had learned of through Jason's mother and told me that it would be a good learning experience and that it would look good on a resume.


Before I entered the program, I was keeping busy, trying to make the best of my junior year summer as possible. I kept active by swimming competitively, visiting potential colleges and tutoring elementary school children.


Before attending the MMSY program, I spent my days sleeping until noon and hanging out with friends. Some days I would go to the park with my dad and play basketball with him and my brother, and other days I would watch TV. Most days I would wake up, eat breakfast and then go on the computer to see what people were doing that day, or to see what I was doing that day. I liked to go to the park and train for the baseball season with my friend Willie. I did that almost every weekend and a few times a week. I also trained for the basketball season with my dad, brother and my friends Akil, Josny and Courtney.