The first time that I heard about MMSY program was when I was waiting for my mom to pick me up from school when I saw a sheet of paper of the program on the main office desk.  When I read the paper at first I was really curious to what this program can actually do.  I was interested in what does the UN actually do and why it doesn’t get involved in world conflicts as much as people think they should.  Another thing that caught my eye was that the program would be visiting other religious places.  As a Catholic I barely knew other religions such as Islam and Judaism so I was really interested in learning if those religions are similar to my own or are really different.  Soon enough my mother agreed with me to sign up for the program. 

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I was so excited for the first day of the MMSY Program- I couldn’t wait to meet different high school students and college students from around New York City and not only learn about their cultures, but teach some of them about my own.

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Before attending MMSY Program, I had already participated in several events this summer. I was in a production of Curtains at Broadway Workshop’s Children’s Musical Theater Festival program, New York Live Arts Center. In addition, I volunteered at the McCarton School, a school for autistic children in elementary through high school.

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There was once a time of laziness, relaxation, and nothingness. That time was known as my summer before attending MMSY program, my life was marked by an absence of productivity and labor. Ever since the conclusion of my sophomore year, I had begun a rapid decline into a schedule of sleeping twelve hours a day and playing video games for nine. The other three hours were reserved for those necessities every human being must take care for the continuation of a happy, nourished, and hygienic life. For the sake of continual acceptance and consideration as a functional member of society, certain exceptions were made to this intricate and constructive lifestyle. While not all of these ‘adventures’ were voluntary, they were all seen as necessary by some person or another.

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In the school year, I was part of Bayside’s Leadership class, a special class that consisted of students that would come together early in the morning to discuss and plan most of the school’s events for the entire year. Usually my role would be on the side, every once in a while giving a little piece of an idea to, as I felt, make the event seem better. I also liked being able to help the underclassmen in the class who needed help learning how to plan and order the necessary items for the upcoming events. I was also part of Bayside’s quite well known Chinese Yoyo Club, where we would perform tricks the Chinese yoyos and even teach other students how to use and eventually perform with the rest of the team on stage. This way, we gain a sense of unity, learn patience and learn about a fun part of an interesting culture. I didn’t know what to expect from MMSY program. I had been waking up late for the last month, and had been a little lazy. I was going to college soon, and thought that relaxing this summer would be a nice idea. However, I’m grateful to my mom for informing me of MMSY program, otherwise I would have just been staying at home and wasting my days until classes began.

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